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How we help

Home-Based Care Providers

We deliver market-leading returns on home-based care assets, which include hospice, palliative care, home health, and private duty providers.

Contact us to review a case study of a recent home health and hospice agency that lost $11 million in 2016. We were called in to restructure operations - the agency is now doing $3+ million in annual EBITDA.


Clinical Pathways

We developed our inpatient-to-home clinical pathways with leading physicians, nurse navigators, and healthcare professionals at Hoag Hospital of Newport Beach.

Our partner agencies have an average of a 4.5 Star Rating from CMS for Quality of Patient Care.



We leverage technology and automation in place of traditional back-office overhead to deliver market-leading returns. Consequently, we are able to invest more our clinical team than other home-based care providers.


Data & Analytics

Data drives everything we do. We use data on patient movement, market, and internal operations to focus our efforts on activities which promote great clinical care and high returns.


Partner with us

Kara Health is a technology and health care services company. We leverage big data and automation to create rapid growth and market-leading returns, while consistently delivering excellent clinical services. Contact us to review a case study of a massive hospice and home health agency turnaround we just successfully completed.