Kara Health

How we help

Physician Groups

Kara is a valuable asset to PCPs and specialists. We are your eyes and ears in the home, ensuring your patients remain in compliance with their plans of care. By delivering care in the home setting, we are able to provide additional context to PCPs and specialists, including:

  • observing social determinants of health that may need to be addressed.

  • recommending and coordinating DME, home health and other ancillary services.

  • reporting on changes in condition.


Palliative Care

Our interdisciplinary care team supports PCPs and specialists by providing patient-centered care at home to those with advanced illness. Palliative care services reduce hospital utilization by 35% in the last year of life.

Chronic Illness.png

Advanced Care Planning

Advanced Care Planning documentation alone is known to reduce avoidable hospital readmissions by 9%. Each member of the Kara team is trained in the Serious Illness Guide created by Atul Gawande and Ariadne Labs at Harvard School of Public Health.


Aligned Risk-Based Payments

For populations where physician groups hold financial risk, we are willing and prefer to take downside risk on our fees, and benefit financially only when we deliver measurable and material improvement in MLR, clinical quality, and patient satisfaction.


Partner with us

Kara is a technology and health care services company. Contact us to learn how we can help your IPA leverage home-based care.