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Health Systems

With more care moving into the home, every health system should have a home-based care strategy. Kara Health delivers market-leading returns on home-based care operations by:

  • Leveraging health system-wide data to enable rapid and massive growth.

  • Automating the entire back-office of traditional brick-and-mortar healthcare companies.

  • Consistently delivering excellent clinical services as independently rated by CMS.


Clinical Pathways

We developed our inpatient-to-home clinical pathways with leading physicians, navigators, and case managers from top medical centers in Southern California.

Clinical pathways help ensure we consistently deliver excellent services and reduce variability in the quality of care.

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Big Data

We leverage health-system-wide data to identify patients in need of services. This enables us to engage patients upstream and rapidly achieve massive scale in our joint venture or co-managed homecare operations.



We leverage technology and automation in place of traditional back-office overhead to deliver market-leading returns. Consequently, we are able to invest more in our clinical team than other home-based care providers.


May 2019

Kara’s healthcare team worked around the clock, in lock step with our primary doctor to provide great care for our family.

Pam - Patient family member.



Partner with us

Kara is a technology and health care services company. We look for opportunities to leverage big data and automation to achieve massive scale and market-leading returns, while consistently delivering excellent clinical services. Get in contact with us to schedule a demonstration of how health system’s are getting massive returns on homecare assets by partnering with Kara Health.