Kara Health

Our Impact


Patients Served

We service a growing patient population of over 30,000+ patients.



Insurance Costs Saved

Medical costs in the US are skyrocketing. We create customized care plans for each patient to prevent medical emergencies and reduce medical costs.



Reduction in ER Visits

Our around the clock care teams identify and prevent emergency room visits before they happen.


How we help

Health Plans

25% of medical spending happens in the last year of life

5% of members account for 50% of medical spending in the u.s.

Per day of care, home-based care is 90% less expensive than hospital care. Kara delivers massive savings to our health plan partners by stabilizing patients at home and providing timely interventions before acute events occur.

We provide the following in-home services with the goal of avoiding unplanned utilization of inpatient services:

  • in-home evaluations by NPs and Physicians

  • needs assessments

  • medication management

  • advanced care planning

  • 24-7 availability of nurses

  • coordination of DME, home health, and other ancillary services

  • transitions across care settings

Palliative Care.png

Palliative Care

While increasing patient satisfaction for patients with serious illness, home-based palliative care delivers cost savings of approximately $10,000 per member in the last year of life. Approximately 2% of your MA population qualifies for palliative care services.

Chronic Illness.png

Chronic Disease Management

81% of people age 65+ have multiple chronic conditions. People with 6 or more chronic conditions average over $30,000 in annual medical spending. Our patient-centered, in-home medical services reduce avoidable utilization by 40%.


Aligned Risk-Based Payment

We take downside risk on our fees, and benefit financially only when we deliver measurable and material improvement in MLR, clinical quality, and patient satisfaction.


Partner with us

Kara is a technology and health care services company. We look for opportunities to leverage big data and automation to achieve rapid growth and market-leading returns while consistently delivering excellent clinical services.