Kara Health
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Our Mission

“To provide great patient care, a great patient experience, and be invaluable assets to our partners in healthcare.”


Our principles:


provide excellent clinical care


Use ‘First Principles Thinking’


Innovate where it moves the needle


Use data Effectively


be a meritocracy


Be empathetic


Meet the Leadership Team

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Devan Walia

Founder & CEO

Ravnyssa Verma, RN CHPN.jpg

Ravnyssa Verma, RN CHPN

Founder & Clinical Lead

Rico Moorer.jpg

Rico Moorer

Founder & Product Lead

Jon Morehouse

Engineering Lead & Advisor


Partner with us

Kara is a technology and health care services company. We look for opportunities to leverage big data and automation to create rapid growth and market-leading margins or massive cost-savings for our partners, while consistently delivering excellent clinical services.


Insurance Plans

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Hospital Systems

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Physician Groups

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